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AIM Member University of the Western Cape

University of the Western Cape

School of Pharmacy

Private Bag X17
7535, Bellville
South Africa

The Faculty of Natural Sciences at UWC offers a wide variety of programmes aimed at providing the graduate with the tools required to succeed in the market place. Our graduates are in demand because they have shown to be able to hold their own academically and in the various jobs they have been employed in. They are respected for their competence. A number of our graduates are doing very well in doctoral programmes at major universities abroad.

The Faculty offers 9 innovative programmes geared towards the needs of society, as well as a general BSc, a BSc (Education) and BPharm, a professional first degree in Pharmacy. The Faculty of Natural Sciences is an increasingly important research centre, winning large research grants and contracts and producing cutting edge research in areas such as Water Studies, Herbal Sciences, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Population Studies, Materials Science, Mariculture, Reproductive Physiology and Environmental Science.

The research profile is supported by prestigious national and international research institutes: 
•    The South African National Bioinformatics Institute (SANBI) which is the only Bioinformatics Institute in Africa. It is magnificantly equipped with the only Cray supercomputer for research purposes on this continent.   
•    The South African Herbal Sciences Institute, which strives to discover the science behind the country's traditional herbal remedies.   
•    The International Ocean Institute, which is a co-operative research facility, linking with various sister Institutes across the world to investigate our oceans.   
•    The porous-media research group in the Chemistry Department has produced various patented products.  

The Faculty strives to share and develop knowledge of an international standard, and ensures that the skills acquired by students will equip them to be serious competitors in the open market. For research prospects consult the Postgraduate section.